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Academic Pros always welcome the doctoral and final year students to provide an excellent quality dissertation help with a lot of additional features. Here, we provide help in every chapter of dissertation, while maintaining the authentic citations and correct indexing. We help you to maintain 100% uniqueness of your dissertation with accurate formatting style as per your instructions. We also help you with latest software and designing programs to statistically analyse your data smoothly.

We understand that most of the doctoral students must do jobs to compensate for their studies. Academic Pros is always available to help them in their tough schedule and in discounted rates. Academic Pros is the best dissertation company providing dissertation consultancy to doctrate students for more than a decade.

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Our Tutors help you in making your dissertation a key to your success. Our PhD scholars make sure that you receive the thorough chapter wise dissertation help. You will get the originality in your dissertation with accurate formatting style. As a result you will get your desired grades

Research Proposal Service

A proposal outlines every aspect of a dissertation. It is the draft which describes your plan and aim to approach the selected topic. A proposal should be unique, clear and easily understandable. It must focus on the eye-catching areas of a topic and demonstrate the possible path which you will follow to achieve the desired outcomes.

The proposal is a groundwork for your dissertation and your chance to impress the panel. It outlines the novelty of your topic. It must be very flexible so that you can easily overcome the deadlocks during your dissertation. You must get an experienced help while designing a proposal so that it gets easily accepted and admired by the committee.


The introduction is the start-up of a dissertation, which is a very important chapter. It describes the basis of any dissertation. Being a background, it emphasizes on the previous problems which generate the possible questions and statements of your dissertation.

Dissertation makes a clear picture in the mind of a reader about the significance and novelty of a study. Therefore, it is recommended to get a professional help in this chapter to make your start-up influential because first impression is the last impression.

Introduction comprises of:

  • Background and statement of a problem
  • Aims and objectives of a study
  • Possible questions from previous researches
  • Importance of a study
  • Definition of terms
  • Literature review

Literature Review Services

It is extremely important to carry out a proper literature survey for designing a dissertation as it describes the authenticity and the basis of your topic. Basically, a literature review is the summary of prior researches performed relating to your chosen topic. Furthermore,

  • It associates the previous interpretations with new.
  • Outlines the major debates from previous researches.
  • Describes the authenticity of a paper in the eyes of a reader.
  • It also single outs the research gaps; broadening the scope for a research.

The objectives of literature survey are:

  • To understand the research question being studied.
  • Narrows down the gaps between previous and new researches.
  • Clarifies the relationship of your study with previous ones.
  • To increase the citation of your own previous researches.
  • Identifies new ideas to interpret previous researches.


This chapter explains the methods and procedures which you followed to execute your research. You need to cite an authentic method you followed or if you are making your own procedure, it must be in accordance with any previous literature. Your methods must be described in a very clear way i.e. Anything should not be hidden or described in a complex way. The methodologies are different in following types of researches:

A- Primary Research:

The primary means “first” and “foremost”. A primary research aims at obtaining new data from primary sources. It is a very thorough and in-depth exploration by the researcher and communication with other subject related personnel. Primary research is difficult to conduct than secondary research as it requires sufficient resources, money, and time as the researcher has to start from the base.

In this research, a researcher must use the methods which are authentic for similar type of studies or make new methods similar to the previous researches. Primary research has the following characteristics:

  • It is based on raw data.
  • Initial information is obtained
  • High cost of Tutor's Consultancy.
  • Process somewhat more difficult than secondary research

B- Secondary Research

A secondary research is the analysis and interpretation of a primary research. In this research, data is already analysed by a primary source and a researcher only needs to evaluate the desired data. It is easy to conduct, as the primary data is already available for it. Also, it requires a low cost and a short time.

In secondary research, a researcher can use the methods available in a primary research. Basically, it is done for achieving broader understanding of a subject. Secondary research has the following characteristics:

  • It is based on previously analysed/interpreted information.
  • The information used is originally gathered from primary research.
  • Low cost of Tutor's Consultancy.
  • The process is more easy than secondary research

Result, Discussion & Conclusion

The findings you achieve after performing a research is known as a result. A result must be described in a concise and clear way so that the reader will get a clear picture of your findings. The result must be in accordance with aims and objectives. It should not be dragged in a way that deviates it from the actual objective of a research.

Discussion is the elaboration of your result. In discussion, results or findings are compared with the previous researches of somewhat similar topics to prove its authenticity. It also describes what actually the result is showing and displays its connection with the aim and objective of a research.

The conclusion comes at the end of a dissertation. It is the summary of what you have achieved in your research. It also outlines the limitations of this research and possible suggestions for future scope.




Students usually have to submit their dissertation during their final year of graduation. We help these students to make their first ever dissertation outstanding and help them in learning many useful tools and elements of the dissertation.

Post Graduates

We also cater the students of master’s level who want their dissertation to be reviewed professionally. We assign your task to the PhD consultant of your field so that your document will definitely be accepted by the panel.


The dissertation of a PhD is extremely important for a student and requires an experienced and authentic help. Therefore, we provide an efficient and flawless dissertation help to make doctoral student’s dissertation impactful, and perfectly organized.


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  • Child Nursing
  • Medical Health Nursing
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  • Administrative Law
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Property Law
  • 10 Other Law Subjects


  • Automotive Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • 11 Other Discplines

Information Technology

  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Networking
  • Database Management
  • Advanced Programming
  • 20 Other I.T Subjects

Other Subjects

  • Psychology
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Sociology
  • Other 31 Subjects


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Academic Pros is associated with 100+ preeminent intellectuals, who are well-experienced and renowned in their fields having the qualification of masters and PhDs from the top-notch universities of the world.


Our significant focus is on the clarity and conciseness of a document. We provide you such an assistance that your work will surely display its presentability (structure & formatting), accuracy, and authenticity.


We understand the importance of confidentiality. We have exceptional team, who work diligently to ensure the privacy of your work as well as its uniqueness. We assure you the 99.9% work originality.


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Dissertation Proofreading


Have you missed any detail or not sure about the mistakes in your dissertation? Then you have come to an ideal place for all your solutions. Academic Pros offers you the flawless proofreading by their exceptional grammar experts and PhD consultants so that no error can be detected in your work. You can easily focus on the major work, while we perfectly polish your work to make it stand out among others. We provide:

  • Proofreading of each and every chapter.
  • Standard formatting and structuring of sentences.
  • Thorough data analysis to screen out every possible outcome.
  • Reliable software tools to provide eye-catching results.
  • Check for grammar, punctuation, spelling errors.
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If you need a spectacular and flawless editing, make us your alternate eye to release the burden of your dissertation. We know that dissertation is the most crucial document of one’s academic life, therefore we select highly qualified PhD editors to help you in making your dissertation momentous. We will make sure that your dissertation covers all possible expects of rejection and will become a success.

  • Check for clarity, style, tone and precision.
  • Correction of spelling or typographical errors.
  • Formatting of reference style according to the particular journal.
  • Editing and cross checking in authenticity of data collection.
  • Proper and in-depth literature review.
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Essay Assistance

Academic Pros is the correct place for the students who need to make their essays accurate. We promise you the spectacular assistance. Your essay will also be provided with outstanding and errorless proofreading as according to the prescribed guidelines.

Assignment Assistance

By choosing us, you will avail the magnificent assignment assistance by experienced and native English experts. Proper referencing, thorough suggestions and errorless assistance will make your assignment unique, perfect and eye-striking.


It is the responsibility of Academic Pros to safeguard the information of its clients. Our excellent software technology and genuine customer relationship management ensure the 100% safety of our client’s confidential data and personal information. Once you start getting assistance from us, our legal team assigns you a “customer ID” and forward only that ID and relevant task information to other departments as well. Your personal information is not even shared with our experts.

Your data and personal info will be secured and completely hidden from:

  • Any other client
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